About Marvtech

Founded in 1999 with a wealth of expertise in all aspects of industrial control and site maintenance.

Marvtech are leaders in mechanical, electrical engineering and associated services. Our extensive fabrication facilities and onsite installation expertise enables us to deliver game-changing projects for our customers across the UK.

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Our services

The Marvtech team offer design capabilities across a range of disciplines. We are confident of meeting client requirements for sustainable, innovative and functional solutions, delivered within agreed costs and timescales.



Marvtechs “In House” design team have developed a significant level of expertise.


Marvtech has proved to be a resourceful partner in small to medium sized plant and industrial fabrications.

Hotbox Equipment

Marvtech manufacture, service and repair Hotboxes


The Site Projects division of Marvtech is a major supplier of industrial electrical and instrumentation site installation services.


Marvtech’s Projects division is able to offer total electrical and instrumentation maintenance support packages in a flexible and cost effective manner.

Property Services

Marvtech’s Property team is able to carry out large scale commercial dilapidation, residential building works and refurbishment and a variety of ground working projects within an agreed schedule in a flexible and cost effective manner.

We offer a wide range of mechanical services provided by fully trained and qualified staff.


We are able to offer a total solution for the design, build and integration of a broad range of electrical, control & instrumentation systems working with all the market leading systems manufacturers and other OEM’s.

Specialist welding

Electrical design

Fabrication services